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ff magda (9 weights)
(ff magda-thin, ff magda-light, ff magda-text, ff magda-plain, ff magda-extra, ff magda-ultra, ff magda-trash, ff magda-mixed, ff magda-cameo) (available at fontshop)
designed by cornel windlin, 1994

the "ff magda" family was a gift to the late hans-rudolf lutz, a former teacher of mine. lutz always used a small mechanical typewriter for his personal correspondence. when he started working on apple mac at the beginning of the 90s, he found that his letters lacked personal style. i digitised print samples of his typewriter, whose characters had a modern feel (in contrast to the old-style character shapes of "ff trixie", the only "fuzzy" typewriter font on the market at the time). unlike "trixie", "magda" was digitised using curves as well as straight lines, which resulted in a look and feel very close to the original. like all streamlined fonts, "ff magda" should only be used at small sizes. it is published through fontshop international.