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brauer (1 weight)
(brauer-regular, brauer-logos)
designed by elektrosmog, 2000 (after a design by pierre miedinger)

pierre miedinger is a corporate communication consultant in zurich. he is the nephew of max miedinger, who invented the ubiquitous helvetica typeface.

'brauer' was designed by pierre miedinger for the zurich-based brewery 'brauerei huerlimann' as part of the company's corporate identity in 1974. the typeface was used extensively on anything from beer bottles and beer mats to pub signs to promotional material, from letterheads to the signage system until the company was bought by carlsberg in the nineties and stopped brewing its own brands of beer. since then, the pub signs have disappeared one by one. zurich may be more european now, but typographically less exciting. elektrosmog, connaisseurs of pints and fonts alike, decided to preserve this distinguishing feature of the zurich cityscape for the afterworld. they extended the basic character set of miedinger's original ink drawings to a full digital character set, adding all special characters and symbols to make up a complete font set - including a bonus font offering the brewery's cherished brand logos.