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liquid crystal (2 weight)
(liquid cristal-regular, liquid cristal-monospaced)
designed by cornel windlin and gilles gavillet, 1999

"liquid-crystal" was designed for the web representation of "game_over", an interactive exhibition on computer games at the museum fuer gestaltung zuerich. we tried to emulate the feel of lcd display technology, but found no adequate typeface on the market. the design of "liquid-crystal" is based on a set of rather complex modules, out of which all letterforms were generated. this typeface is delivered in two versions - one properly spaced and slightly kerned, the other one strictly monospaced so all parts of the basic module stay in exactly the same position (which comes in handy for animations).

liquid-cristal_(flash animation) without sound (24k)
liquid-cristal_(flash animation) with sound (414k)