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ff moonbase alpha (1 weight)
(available at fontshop)
designed by cornel windlin, 1991 (for FUSE) / 1995 (for FSI)

originally designed for the "dis/information" issue of FUSE magazine, this 90s classic dates back to 1991. it's a reinterpretation of a bitmapped printout of a 6 pt sample of akzidenz grotesk. the idea was to create a font which would be a as much a typeface as an abstract pattern generator. with its soft look and "fluffy cloud" feel, it quickly became one of the most overused "techno design" cliches. while i still like the idea behind this font today, i have only rarely seen it used in an interesting way. fontshop international asked me to rework and extend the font into a "proper" typeface and re-released it in 1995 as part of the "FUSE classics" package. i recently found a hebrew version of "moonbase" by two israeli designers, which is available on request.