about lineto

lineto was founded as a loose partnership by cornel windlin and stephan mueller (a.k.a. pronto), two designers/art directors working independently in zuerich and berlin.

lineto - the name is borrowed from the postscript page description language - was founded in 1994 to collaborate on the final production work of typefaces we had licensed to fontshop international's "fontfont" label. in 1999, we took things one step further and launched lineto.com to make our fonts available online. all lineto library fonts are available exclusively from this website.

the typefaces shown on the site are mostly by-products of our individual design projects now adapted for the use by a wider audience. additionally, we feature typefaces by nico schweizer (new york), martha stutteregger (vienna), jonas williamsson/reala (stockholm), laurent benner (london), james goggin (auckland/london), masahiko nakamura (tokyo), norm (zuerich), elektrosmog (zuerich), urs lehni/raphael koch (luzern), and hans-jakob fehr (lausanne).

it is our aim to develop www.lineto.com into an exciting platform for designers, re-investing revenue from the sale of our typographic products to finance collaborative projects between lineto designers, thus creating a continually evolving platform for ideas, projects, and possibly even debate.

cornel windlin
stephan mueller a.k.a. pronto

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